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  • For use on any pitched or flat roofs.
  • Suits all common pipe diameters and pitch.
  • Easily dressed to shape.
  • Suitable for flue pipes.

Lead slates provide weather-tight joints where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate a slate, tile, asphalt, felt or lead covered roof.

The flexibility of lead allows the slate base to be dressed to tiles of all profiles, avoiding wind lift or chatter problems.

Premium lead slates are cut for BS EN 12588 Code 4 rolled lead sheet and fabricated by lead welding.

Slate upstands are available in five diameters from the 50mm to 150mm, at angles of 30° and 45° to the base for pitched roofs and 90° for flat roofs.

The base dimensions of the slates are 450mm x 450mm and the minimum upstand height at the saddle side of the pipe-base joint is 150mm.

Non standard sizes are available. When stipulating dimensions, remember to specify the pipe dimension and the slate pitch required.


  1. Select a lead slate with an upstand angle suitable to the pitch of the roof of internal diameter such that it allows about 2mm tolerance over the external diameter of
  2. the pipe.
  3. Always apply cost of Pre-pat or Patination Oil to all exposed surfaces, as well as the underside of the landing edge.
  4. Fit over the pipe and on a pitched roof finish the top edge of tile with a welt.
  5. When fitting over cast iron pipes, allow extra height to the lead upstand so that it may be dressed into the top of the pipe.
  6. When fitting over the plastic pipes you can obtain a solvent welded collar that will provide a weathering over the top of the pipe.


50mm dia. (2”) x 150mm upstand – 5 slates per box

75mm dia. (3”) x 150mm upstand – 5 slates per box

100mm dia. (4”) x 150mm upstand – 5 slates per box

125mm dia. (5”) x 150mm upstand – 5 slates per box

150mm dia. (6”) x 150mm upstand – 5 slates per box


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • When working with lead, follow standard health and safety procedures as laid out in Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002. Always wash hands well before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Remove lead residues from skin after working with lead metal by washing with Premium Metwash – Soap and Bodywash.
  • Lead is a dense material. Take suitable precautions when lifting or carrying.


Composition: Lead alloy sheet manufactured to BS EN 12588 Code 4.

Density of lead: 11,340 kg.m-3

Melting point of lead: 327°C

Base dimensions: 450mm x 450mm

Upstand height: ≥150mm


Upstand angle to base: 30°, 45° or 90°

Weight: 5.5kg (approx.) Per slate

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