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ALM forms part of the 2im Group (International Industrial Metals) and within this group, we are a recycling plant, a manufacturer and lead processor for BS EN 12588 Rolled lead and a manufacturer of high end specialist cast products for Nuclear, Medical and other specialist industries.

Furthermore we are the distributor of all our materials meaning the materials we make have an unrivalled chain of custody. The metal we manufacture is solely obtained from expired car batteries which historically would have been landfill. Today, 2im take these batteries and recycle 96% of all constituent parts leaving only 4% waste (polythene) for which we are now close to finding viable source.

We sell the deconstructed and cleaned recycled polypropylene (battery casing) in the form of high grade pellets. More importantly, we are able to desulphurise the sulphuric acid present in the battery and put this into a process where we extract high grade salt and sell this onto the detergent and glass industry. The salt is so high grade, it’s also FEMA approved for animal feeds.

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